Preparation Method: 
Quick and Easy
Product Type: 
Turkey Cutlets/Steaks

Nutrition Facts

  • Total Calories 224
  • Total Fat 6 g
  • % Daily Total Fat 24
  • Cholesterol 73 g
  • Sodium 455 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 10 g
  • Protein 31 g

Turkey Parmesan

Recipe by The National Turkey Federation

seasoned bread crumbs:
1/3 Cup
1 Pound
olive oil, divided:
1 Tablespoon
reduced-fat Mozzarella cheese:
1/4 Cup grated
prepared spaghetti sauce, heated:
1/4 Cup
Parmesan cheese, (optional):

Place bread crumbs on plate and coat turkey thoroughly on each side with crumbs.

In large non-stick skillet, over medium-high heat, saute turkey in 2 teaspoons oil for 2 to 3 minutes per side or until turkey is no longer pink in center; add remaining oil as needed.

Sprinkle turkey with Mozzarella cheese, cover skillet and heat 20 to 30 seconds or until cheese is melted.

To serve, arrange turkey on platter and top with sauce. Garnish with Parmesan cheese.