"Turkey, Savor the Success" Web Series at www.Eatturkey.com Shows How the University of Iowa Keeps Co-Eds Coming Back for More Turkey

October 24, 2012

Sherrie Rosenblatt, National Turkey Federation
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or Leslee McGovern, Devine & Pearson
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The National Turkey Federation's (NTF) "Turkey, Savor the Success" series on eatturkey.com welcomes Chef Barry Greenberg from the University of Iowa to showcase one of his creative, cost effective turkey dishes. Greenberg tempts students' palates campus-wide with his Basil Turkey Burger topped with grilled vegetables, Muenster cheese and basil mayonnaise.

"The Basil Turkey Burger is an attractive item on our service line because it has less fat than a beef patty," notes Chef Greenberg. "This allows us to answer our customers' wishes to eat healthy while allowing our chefs to be creative with turkey's versatility."

Operators may view Chef Greenberg's recipe feature by simply logging on to eatturkey.com, clicking on the "foodservice" tab, choosing "Savor the Success" and then the featured recipe link entitled "University of Iowa." This connects to the featured recipe page where foodservice professionals can view the applications and link to even more recipes from a database of 650 -plus offerings.

"Turkey is the perfect lean protein for students who want to eat healthy as it has more protein and less fat per serving than most other meats," notes Sherrie Rosenblatt, NTF's senior director of marketing and communications. "Chef Greenberg features turkey in a variety of ways from the classic turkey sandwich to soups to entrée salads. It broadens his menu, meeting the needs of his customer base for variety and healthful options."

Every month eatturkey.com will have a new "Turkey, Savor the Success" feature from menu categories such as brunch or salads, from individual chefs in commercial and non-commercial operations or from ethnic cuisines. Once eatturkey.com showcases a feature it will be added to a "Turkey, Savor the Success" page and will continue to be linked to NTF's popular recipe database. Here foodservice professionals can access not only the new dishes, but also a library of more than 650 innovative turkey applications, nine "Virtual Menu" applications and 30 celebrity chef demonstrations.

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