National Turkey Federation Supports RFS Reform Act

February 4, 2015
Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC – “The government mandated Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is unequivocally broken.  The most recent example is the EPA failure to follow-through on its plan to stop increasing the amount of feed corn siphoned off into fuel. ‘The RFS Reform Act’ takes decisive action to remove the corn ethanol mandate and its negative consequences to food production and consumers everywhere,” said National Turkey Federation President Joel Brandenberger.  

“The National Turkey Federation encourages Congress to finally take action and pass the reform legislation led by Reps. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) with cosponsors Jim Costa (D-CA), Peter Welch (D-VT) and Steve Womack (R-AR) to remove the sluggish corn ethanol mandate clogging America’s food and fuel system.  EPA’s failure to finalize its initial 2014 proposal to reduce Renewable Fuel Standard levels for corn ethanol blended into gasoline proves the RFS mandate is fundamentally flawed and unworkable. Uncertainty in the marketplace from the RFS corn ethanol mandate, since the beginning, has caused volatility in the supply of corn available as the crucial ingredient in turkey and other livestock feed. Congress set the RFS mandate into motion, and should make a reasoned decision to pass legislation to free corn ethanol from this process of indecision.”