National Turkey Federation Supports Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)

January 27, 2015
Washington, D.C.

The National Turkey Federation calls on Congress to renew Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), for effective negotiation and conclusion of beneficial trade agreements.

"Trade Promotion Authority gives our trade negotiators the maximum flexibility to get a deal that expands turkey sales abroad and that benefit all American poultry and livestock producers. Congress retains the final say on whether a deal should be approved, and we urge the House and Senate to move swiftly to grant this authority," said NTF President Joel Brandenberger. 

TPA defines U.S. negotiating objectives and priorities for trade agreements and establishes consultation and notification requirements for the U.S. President to follow throughout the negotiation process. Once negotiators finalize a deal, Congress gets an up or down vote – without amendments that would require renegotiation and unnecessary delays.


The previous authority expired in 2007 and this vacuum has given negotiators on the other side of the table an unnecessary excuse to drag their feet toward reaching a final, beneficial deal. Congress has granted TPA to every president since 1974; most recently in August 2002, which expired nearly 8 years ago on June 30, 2007.