Coalition of Meat and Poultry Associations Provide Comment on Introduction of Pomeroy-Shimkus Legislation to Extend Ethanol Tax Credits

October 24, 2012
Washington, D.C.


Sherrie Rosenblatt, National Turkey Federation
202-898-0100 ext. 7227,
Richard Lobb, National Chicken Council
202-262-2622 ext. 119,
Dave Ray, American Meat Institute
In response to newly introduced legislation from Reps. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., and John Shimkus, R-Ill., that extends a key tax credit for corn ethanol and the 54-cents per gallon tariff on foreign ethanol, the following meat and poultry organizations provided comment.
J. Patrick Boyle, president and CEO, American Meat Institute, said:
“Unfortunately, this bill continues the unfair support and protection corn-based ethanol has enjoyed for more than 30 years at the expense of the American taxpayer and the livestock and poultry producers who rely on corn for feed.   It’s time for the corn-based ethanol industry to stop using the American taxpayers as a crutch and finally compete on its own in our free market system.”
George Watts, president, National Chicken Council, said:
“Ethanol production has been subsidized for thirty years, and it is time for the industry to compete in the marketplace without the high tax credits and import subsidies now being provided.  The federal renewable fuels mandate provides a guaranteed market for ethanol, and that is all the support the industry needs.”
Joel Brandenberger, president, National Turkey Federation, said:
The turkey industry supports the need to develop domestic sources of energy, but not at the expense of the hardworking Americans who raise and process meat and poultry or the American consumer.  Affordable food is also a high priority.  Food and energy should not be forced by government mandates to compete with each other for key inputs.  Therefore, NTF supports eliminating or significantly limiting the blenders’ credit and import tariff for ethanol.”