National Turkey Federation Appoints Ph.D. in Food Technology to Head Regulatory Department

October 24, 2012
Washington, D.C.

Sherrie Rosenblatt, National Turkey Federation
202-898-0100 ext. 7227

National Turkey Federation (NTF) President Joel Brandenberger announced the appointment today of Hilary Shallo Thesmar, Ph.D., RD, as NTF’s new senior director of scientific and regulatory affairs.

“The turkey industry is entering a challenging regulatory period,” Brandenberger said. “Policymakers in Washington are taking a hard look at the nation’s food safety systems, environmental laws, animal health policy and a wide range of other issues that have a significant impact on NTF’s members.

“Thesmar’s doctorate in food technology, her extensive education and training in nutrition and food science and her knowledge of the poultry industry make her the right person to oversee NTF’s scientific and regulatory on behalf of the turkey industry,” he said.

As NTF’s senior director of scientific and regulatory affairs, Thesmar will develop programs to ensure food safety, environmental, animal health and welfare, worker safety and health and human resources regulations are practical and permit the turkey industry to profitably produce safe and nutritious products. She will be the primary liaison to the federal agencies that regulate turkey production and processing. Thesmar will also manage the federation’s Technical and Regulatory, Live Production and Turkey Health committees.

Prior to NTF, Thesmar was director of the Egg Safety Center in Washington, D.C. She also served as director of food safety programs at the Egg Nutrition Center and most recently, acting director.

Thesmar received her Ph.D. in food technology from Clemson University in South Carolina. She also holds a M.S. in human nutrition from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C., and is a registered dietitian.

About the National Turkey Federation

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