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October 24, 2012
Washington, D.C.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Adrienne Richards, National Turkey Federation 202-898-0100 ext. 7223 National Turkey Federation (NTF) has made weekday meal planning one-step easier with its first turkey cooking video on NTF’s culinary video blogger, or vlogger, Dani Spies, a Los Angeles-based health and food coach, creates a healthy Quinoa Stuffed Turkey Breast. Vloggers, as the name suggests, are similar to bloggers but use video instead of words. “Consumers are using the Internet to get recipe ideas and NTF is pleased to be able to continue launching interactive materials that keeps turkey top of mind, while making meal planning enjoyable and hassle free,” said Sherrie Rosenblatt, NTF’s vice president of marketing and communications. “As vlogs continue to surge in popularity, NTF wants to capture this audience and bring great content to NTF’s Web site.” Spies’ cooking philosophy to “focus on the positive” is reflected in her Quinoa Stuffed Turkey Breast. In her video, she motivates at-home chefs to create a super easy dish that won’t take all afternoon to make. “I love the idea of a Stuffed Turkey Breast because you get your turkey and your stuffing all in one. Plus, from beginning to end, it’s done in less than two hours,” said Spies. “Not to mention it looks like a fancy elegant meal that seems tricky but it’s not.” Spies’ butterflies and flattens a boneless turkey breast and stuffs it with a light fluffy stuffing mixture of quinoa, leek and cherries, along with the traditional stuffing flavors of celery, leeks and mushrooms. Once the stuffing is in place the turkey breast is rolled, tied with twine and coated with olive oil to ensure a golden finish. Visitors to that sign up for the bi-monthly Recipe E-mail will receive announcements on NTF’s Turkey Cooking videos. Web site guests can sign up for the bi-monthly E-mail in the “consumer” section at NTF’s first Turkey Cooking Video is available at To see more of Spies’ videos, visit her Web site, ###