Just Got Smokin' Hot!

November 1, 2007
Washington D.C.

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This month, the National Turkey Federation (NTF) launched a guide to smoked turkey products, completing the 2007 featured product series at The featured product online area consolidates purchasing information, product varieties and recipes specifically tailored to foodservice professionals for successfully including these products on the menu. Fully-cooked smoked products make it easy to serve new dishes and bigger, bolder flavors that speak to consumer demands. The smoked flavor blends with many types of cuisines and chefs enjoy using this protein in soups, pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads and more. “We use smoked turkey because of its unique flavor profile and texture when combined with other ingredients,” says Kevin Cronin, executive chef of Dusty's Wine Bar (Detroit, MI). Smoked turkey is a convenient way to meet consumer demands for healthier dishes that keep taste at the forefront. For example, the boneless white meat of smoked turkey breast is a highly versatile, flavorful protein that is up to 99 percent fat free. And, there is more than one way to smoke turkey: products may be hickory-smoked, mesquite-smoked or liquid-smoked, and the flavor intensity varies from light to heavy.

The online product guide features a collection of favorite recipes, selected from more than 75 successful smoked turkey ideas available in the database. “Smoked Turkey Tacos” are sure to draw a crowd of football fanatics, while “Smoked Turkey & Wild Rice Soup with Dried Cherries” warms customers with its playful and rustic flavors. ”Smoked turkey products are the perfect prescription for a bland menu,” says Sherrie Rosenblatt, NTF's vice president of marketing and communications. “Turkey is always versatile and popular, and smoked turkey is a great way to creatively and healthfully highlight flavor on your menu.” “Smoked turkey adds flavor and variety to many of the dishes we use aboard the ships of Majestic America Line,” comments Howie Velie, corporate executive chef of Majestic America Line (Seattle, WA). The cruise cuisine features many southern dishes that traditionally use less healthful proteins, which deterred customers. Velie explains that by substituting turkey they overcame that barrier. Most turkey products and cuts can be purchased smoked, from whole-body down to small parts. Fully cooked smoked whole-body turkey is generally eight pounds to 24 pounds in size, and packed two products to four products per case. Smoked turkey breast offers chefs a smaller, leaner option, ranging from three pounds to 10 pounds each (packed two products to four products per case). Another very popular product is smoked turkey deli cuts. Other available fully cooked smoked parts include turkey legs, drumsticks, whole wings, wing portions, V-wings, drumettes, tails, and necks. For the past two years, the NTF featured product series highlighted a different cut nearly every other month. Smoked turkey products mark the end of the 2007 series, joining turkey breasts, turkey deli products, turkey burgers and turkey thighs. The 2006 series featured turkey sausage, turkey cutlets, turkey tenderloins, ground turkey and turkey breast roasts.

To browse this resource of the site, click on “Learn More About Smoked Turkey” at the home page. NOTE: Photos are available by download from NTF’s image library at (username: editor; password: wishbone)

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