Turkey Cutlets Featured on EatTurkey.com

October 24, 2012
Washington, D.C.

Sherrie Rosenblatt, National Turkey Federation
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This month the National Turkey Federation (NTF) will reveal a guide to turkey cutlets, tailored to the foodservice industry, as part of their featured product series at EatTurkey.com. The web site area provides foodservice operators and chefs useful information on product purchasing options, preparation details and recipes to facilitate incorporating turkey cutlets into their operations.

Turkey cutlets offer great convenience to foodservice establishments and high appeal to customers. They are made from skinless, boneless, breast meat, which is then sliced into 3 oz. to 6 oz. portions. This extra step of processing eases preparation and expands the products’ usability for chefs. Without skin, turkey cutlets are 99 percent fat free, have no saturated fat, are protein-rich, and are a source of many important nutrients. A growing percentage of health-conscious customers are seeking meals that fit these guidelines, and turkey cutlets make it easy to offer healthful entrees without sacrificing taste.

Turkey acts as a blank canvas for any recipe, and often evokes a comforting sentiment of “home” with customers when they dine out. The moist quality of turkey cutlets helps them absorb and marinate in surrounding flavors. Since around 1980, Russ Adams, the owner of the Stongbow Inn in Valparsiso, IN, found that cutlets were the perfect choice for a range of their popular menu items such as Turkey Oscar, Turkey Dijon, Turkey Gorgonzola, and Turkey Marsala. He comments, “Turkey constitutes about 68 percent of our menu sales.”

These small, sliced, breast meat turkey cutlets are available pre-tenderized as well as breaded. The breaded cutlets bring a host of foodservice applications and are available raw, pre-cooked or frozen, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Turkey cutlets come in cases packed with 32 pieces to 64 pieces and a case weight of 10 lbs. to 12 lbs. A thin piece of paper or plastic keeps the individual cutlets separate and convenient to use.

“With many menus becoming more similar, turkey cutlets let the chefs get more creative with spices and flavors to create meals that perk their customers interest and taste,” comments NTF’s Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Sherrie Rosenblatt. “Also, few other meats can rival the versatility of turkey, and the cutlets are so easy to prepare. The 3 oz. and 6 oz. sizing can also help foodservice operators manage their costs through portion control.”

Using diverse flavors like peanuts, sun-dried tomatoes, raspberry, rosemary and mango, chefs can bring imagination to the kitchen. More than 70 successful recipes using turkey cutlets are available to browse on the web site, EatTurkey.com – all specially designed for foodservice use.

General Manager Derek Collins of The Machine Shed in Olathe, KS, appreciates that turkey cutlets give his customers healthy, yet satisfying and delicious menu options. He referred to this turkey product as “an entrée that fills the dinner plate but is more healthy.” Collins goes on to say, “We offer the turkey cutlets using three different presentations, so it is a very versatile protein. Customers really enjoy the different flavors and the moist cutlets in each of these menu offerings.”

To browse through this area of the site, go to EatTurkey.com and click on the ”Learn more about Turkey Cutlets” icon on the bottom of the home page.

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