Foodservice Professionals From Across the Country Get Ready for Thanksgiving

October 24, 2012
Washington, D.C.
Look for multiple turkey entrée presentations and take-away holiday dinners to be highlighted this Thanksgiving this year.

For nine years, the Thanksgiving feast at Mike Ditka's downtown Chicago restaurant has offered holiday guests a choice of turkey entrees, including traditional Oven Roasted Turkey, Deep-Fried Turkey and imported New Orleans Turducken. Executive Chef Tom Kenny oversees the preparation for all entrees, as well as the accompaniments, such as flavorful side dishes of Balsamic Flavored Yams and Bread Stuffing with turkey stock and fresh herbs. Dessert offerings include a popular Southern Pecan Pie.

Mimi’s Café, headquartered in California and with operations in 17 states, presents a traditional roasted turkey feast to customers who dine-in at one of their 100+ cafés/bistros. Or, for those who prefer to take-away their holiday meal, Mimi’s offers a Bird-in-a-Box. The ovenproof box contains an Oven Roasted Turkey, Cornbread Stuffing with Sage, Onion and Celery, Turkey Gravy, potato and vegetable sides, signature Carrot Raisin Bread, Cranberry Sauce and Pumpkin Pie. The Bird-in-a-Box promotion grew 42 percent per store last year, and is expected to increase even more during this year’s holiday season. The vice president of food and Beverage, Chef Adam Baird, oversees the holiday preparation. The dine-in menu is priced for both adult and children’s portions.

Allen Susser, chef-owner at Chef Allen's in the Miami, FL, metro area will, continue to draw customers with tropical and Caribbean flavors on the Thanksgiving menu. For eight years his holiday dinner guests have enjoyed a creative presentation of Key Lime Mojo Roasted Turkey served with imaginative side dishes, such as Brussels Sprouts Succotash and Mango-Cranberry Chutney. The meal’s grand finale is Coconut Rice Pudding.

At the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino, in San Diego, CA, Thanksgiving guests will, once again, be treated to a selection of turkey entrees, including Carved Turkey Breast with Thyme-Peppercorn Gravy and Braised Dark Turkey with Brown Sugar and Sausage Stuffing. An enticing selection of pies, tarts, bread pudding and cheesecake will complete the meal. Under the stewardship of Executive Chef Dean Thomas, the Barona Culinary Institute will be in full operation as the students learn the finer points of preparing holiday foods for one of the busiest restaurant days of the year.

Dinner guests at Cindy Wolf’s Charleston in Baltimore, MD, will enjoy local, fresh and seasonal fare with presentations of Oven Roasted Turkey with Pecan Stuffing and Sweet Potato Flan. Wolf, executive chef and co-owner of Charleston’s, is a 2006 nominee for “Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic” by the James Beard Foundation.

Soul 2 Soul Bistro, in metro Las Vegas, serves a bountiful buffet for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Kwanza. For each holiday the entrée includes slices of Deep Fried Turkey, Smoked Turkey and Rotisserie Turkey. The restaurant specializes in Cajun and Caribbean cuisine. Accordingly, Owner/Chef Jeffrey Campbell uses a Cajun rub for the deep-fried turkeys and all smoked turkeys are prepared in-house. These turkey entrees are so popular that both the deep-fried and smoked turkeys are available throughout the holidays for catering events and take-away dinners.