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August 15, 2006
Washington, D.C.

Sherrie Rosenblatt, National Turkey Federation
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Serving holiday meals has become a highly profitable opportunity for foodservice establishments, and the National Turkey Federation (NTF) is helping operators by offering menu planning assistance at its Web site, More operations are opting to stay open on holidays and are preparing special dishes, ranging from contemporary to ultra-traditional. But no matter what the twist, turkey always anchors the best of holiday meals.

“The holiday season has become increasingly competitive for business among all types of foodservice establishments, so they are looking for ways to innovate or improve upon their menu offerings,” comments Sherrie Rosenblatt, NTF's senior director of marketing and communication. “We are giving operators a head-start to capitalize on the upcoming holiday season with a toolbox of trend-setting turkey recipes, purchasing tips and celebrity chef demonstrations.”

Just as there are always changing food trends, there are trends for menus during the holiday season as well. Currently, creative, health-oriented and ethnic turkey recipes appear to be capturing the interest of chefs. Also, the diversity of turkey products that are available continues to expand. New options offer foodservice establishments greater flavor variety, simplified preparation, and broader purchasing options for better storage management.

NTF provides an invaluable online quick-reference guide to foodservice operators during the months of September through December to bring flare to turkey menu items. Suggested holiday menu ideas are available for a wide range of operations, ranging from appetizers to leftovers. This year new recipes have been added to the holiday selection. Highlights include:

  • Appetizer - Turkey and Smoked Cheddar Croquettes with Smoked Tomato Sauce
  • Salad - Turkey Carnitas Mesclun Salad with Tangerine Vinaigrette
  • Entrée - Apple Roasted Turkey Tenderloin with Cider Pan Sauce
  • Side Dish - Sausage Stuffed Portabellas
  • Leftovers - Turkey Pesto Ciabatta

Dining-out, take-out meals and ready-to-eat dishes are all garnering popularity during the holidays. In years past, one out of every 10 people chose to dine out on Thanksgiving, and about 53 percent purchased ready-to-eat foods to help dress their dinner table (National Restaurant Association). Consumers may be breaking tradition by looking outside of the home for full meals or supplemental dishes, but turkey is a tradition that Americans are not willing to give up.

Year-round, makes meal planning less stressful with its foodservice-specific resources. The Web site includes more than 800 standardized foodservice recipes that help to manage food costs and distinguish menus. Culinary professionals can browse the online foodservice manual and curricula for information on purchasing, specifications, preparation and nutritional content.

To access this holiday quick-reference guide go to, click on the holiday icon at the right of the page, then select the foodservice area.

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The National Turkey Federation (NTF) is the national advocate for all segments of the turkey industry, providing services and conducting activities that increase demand for its members' products by protecting and enhancing their ability to profitably provide wholesome, high-quality, nutritious products. Its award-winning web site,, offers consumers, food professionals and the media an extensive library of information including healthy eating and restaurant trends, turkey cuts and purchasing tips, turkey nutrition and cooking techniques, and turkey facts and trivia. Additionally, the site presents a searchable database of more than 1,500 recipes, offers a recipe E-mail program and provides special seasonal and holiday ideas. The National Turkey Federation is headquartered in Washington, D.C.