Turkey Breast Roasts Featured on EatTurkey.com

July 13, 2006
Washington, D.C.

Sherrie Rosenblatt, National Turkey Federation
202-898-0100 ext. 227, srosenblatt@turkeyfed.org
or Lisa Brackett, Devine & Pearson
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This month, the National Turkey Federation (NTF) will showcase turkey breast roasts in the featured product series at EatTurkey.com. The web site area provides foodservice operators practical information on the types of cuts, preparation details and recipes to facilitate using turkey breast roasts in their operations.

Turkey breast roasts appeal to consumers for the moist texture and nutritious profile, while foodservice operators praise their adaptability and ease of preparation. Without skin, turkey breast roasts are 99 percent fat free with no saturated fat, giving operators a way to create healthful menu items without sacrificing flavor. The juicy quality of turkey breast roasts helps hold-in layers of flavor, making it a useful meat ingredient in an eclectic array of dishes. Roasts can also be purchased pre-seasoned with flavor injections.

These convenient, boneless, all breast meat roasts are available in a range of full-size (6 lbs-14 lbs) and petite-size (3 lbs-6 lbs) roasts to accommodate any foodservice specifications. Turkey breast roasts have an extraordinary range of culinary applications to enhance any meal -- from a heartwarming turkey dinner, to an elegant Mediterranean Turkey Roulade with Roasted Shallot Demi-Glaze (this recipe and others are available on the NTF web site).

“People are looking for healthy options when they are dining out, but still have taste as their top priority - turkey breast roasts solve this foodservice dilemma with ease,“ comments NTF’s Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Sherrie Rosenblatt. Also, “Chefs are realizing how versatile turkey breast meat truly is – we’ve heard of a lot of very creative and successful uses springing up for breakfast, lunch, appetizers, soups and entrées.”

An NTF online survey (November 2005) revealed that 77 percent of consumers would order turkey when dining out if it was offered on the menu. Moreover, turkey dishes made the “top ten” list of foods wanted by those seeking healthy meals for both quick service and full-service restaurants (NDP Group, 2005).

Foodservice Director Doris Hickman of Ft. Bragg Schools in Fayetteville, NC, has been impressed by turkey breast roasts as an all-around winner: “The kids in our school district love the taste of turkey breast roasts. The staff enjoys using the roasts because the product saves valuable time and produces little waste.”

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