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August 1, 2002


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For the 92 percent of Americans serving 45 million turkeys at Thanksgiving, the National Turkey Federation's (NTF) is the place to go for a virtual encyclopedia of cooking and preparation tips for their holiday meal. For those looking to break with tradition, also offers new and innovative ways to serve the time-honored bird.

"There's at least one chef in every home who looks forward to Thanksgiving as their moment to shine in the kitchen," says Sherrie Rosenblatt, director of public relations for the National Turkey Federation. "The holiday cooking tips page on can help make each one feel like a professional!"

To utilize this comprehensive guide, log on to then click on the Thanksgiving icon. You'll find links to hints and recipes designed to help you prepare a delightful meal for your guests, from buying the holiday bird and cooking it to perfection to carving like a pro and making the perfect gravy. If you're looking for menu inspiration, you can check out turkey entrée ideas from across the country or find out what celebrity chefs are serving this season.

With its continuing focus on food quality and safety, NTF also provides thermometer guidelines. From advice on what kind of thermometer to buy to teaching the proper placement and the correct internal temperature that tells when the turkey is done (180 degrees F in the turkey's thigh), demonstrates that quality + safety = great taste. You'll also find extensive recommendations on handling, thawing and storing turkey both before and after the meal.

And wondering what to do with leftovers? Simply view that section of the holiday cooking page for soup, salad or sandwich ideas or visit the consumer pages of to get even more creative by searching more than 500 additional turkey recipes. There is also an opportunity to register to receive turkey recipes by e-mail so you can enjoy turkey all year long.

So whether you're looking to follow the old traditions or getting ready to create some new ones, go to the experts at for all your Thanksgiving needs.


The National Turkey Federation is the advocate for all segments of the U.S. turkey industry. It's award winning web site offers successful on-line professional chef cooking demonstrations and a searchable database of more than 300 recipes that exhibit turkey's versatility as a profit-building item, which enhances menus in all meal occasions during every season of the year. Operators can also go to to sign up for the RecipE-mail program to register and receive unique recipe ideas that add flair to holiday and special occasion menus year-round.