Portable Foods Make it Easy to Eat on the Run

January 1, 2005


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The American bald eagle may be removed from the endangered species list, but there is another item waiting to be added-the one-hour lunch.

According to a study sponsored by KFC and reported in the Wall Street Journal, 43 percent of American workers eat lunch at their desks, with as many as 56 percent taking less than a 15-minute break for their meal. In addition, most Americans now use this time previously reserved as a mid-day break to work or run errands, making every minute spent at lunch even more valuable.

However, a tasty lunch doesn't have to be sacrificed in the interest of saving time. Rather than skipping lunch or using that time waiting in line at a restaurant or cafeteria, make the most of your noon hour by preparing a quick and easy lunch that can be eaten on the go. Turkey, one of America's favorite sandwich staples, is the ideal choice for a fast and delicious meal.

Wrap sandwiches are becoming ever more visible, appearing in more than 33 percent of all restaurants across the country, and it's no wonder. Because they contain a medley of protein, vegetables and seasonings wrapped tightly in a tortilla or pita, they're both satisfying and easy to eat. With just a few minutes in the morning (or even the night) before work, you can prepare one of these sensational new sandwiches inexpensively in your own home.

The Turkey Club Wrap combines the great taste of a BLT with fresh vegetables. Turkey breast, turkey bacon, cheese, Dijon mustard, avocado and alfalfa sprouts come together for a satisfying hand-held sandwich. Or, enjoy ethnic flavor with a Greek Turkey Wrap. Deli turkey breast and a Greek salad of tomatoes, pepperoncini, kalamata olives and Feta cheese add zip to your lunch break. Wrapping both of these sandwiches in aluminum foil leaves them both easy to transport and to eat on the run.

Of course, lunch isn't the only time we want fast, delicious food. Even though breakfast has long been referred to as the most important meal of the day, all too often we skip it in order to save time. The Smoked Turkey Bagelwich is a fast, easy solution. Topping a bagel with smoked turkey, Monterey Jack cheese, alfalfa sprouts and ranch dressing creates a breakfast you won't want to miss-and it's portable enough to eat as you're walking out the door on your way to work. It's also a fresh idea for breakfast as the kids head out to school.

By shopping in your grocer's deli and selecting convenient ingredients such as turkey, you can save time, reduce stress and still enjoy new and delicious meals.


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