Turkey Salad Recipes

Now more than ever consumers are making wiser and healthier decisions in what they eat. Salads are becoming more popular and preferred for better living. In the past, salads earned the reputation of being boring and generic. Well, Eatturkey.com has taken salads to a higher level with new and unique great tasting salads to fit all lifestyles.


Turkey Tortilla Salad
Thai Turkey Salad
Walnut Crusted Turkey Salad
Roasted Turkey Salad with
Rasberry Vinaigrette
Grilled Turkey Mango Summer Salad
Leather Stocking Pancake Salad

Some of our other favorite turkey salad recipes!

Turkey Spinach Salad
Romaine Salad with Smoked Turkey and Bing Cherries
Gorgonzola and Smoked Turkey with Endive Salad
Turkey Carnitas Mesclun Salad with Tangerine Vinaigrette
Turkey Chorizo Salad with Artichokes
Turkey Salad Niçoise
Turkey Satay Salad with Mango and Mixed Greens
Turkey and Spinach Salad in Parmesan Bowls

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