Stuffings - Serve it with stuffing

So popular right now, stuffings are great rolled inside thin slices of turkey and sauteed. Or butterfly-cut tenderloins (fillets), fill with stuffing and bake.
Some of our favorites to look for in the database.
Apple-Herb Mincemeat
Celery Mushroom
Chestnut Oyster
Cornbread Sausage-Hot Pepper
Cranberry-Nut Vegetable
Dried Cherry Wild Rice
Giblet Walnut or Pecan


Glazes - Add a tasty glaze
It adds such a great flavor when roasting the whole bird, a turkey breast, turkey ham as well as turkey drumsticks and thigh meat.


Apple Cider Jalapeno Orange Marmalade
Apricot Lemon-Honey
Barbeque Coffee Lime-Butter
Bourbon Mustard
Cherry Orange
Citrus Peach
Cranberry Pineapple
Currant Plum
Ginger-Garlic Sherry-Soy
Honey Zesty Szechuan


Sauces, Salsas & Chutneys - Make a simple sauce, salsa or chutney
Drizzle it on top of turkey or serve it on the side to use as a pour-on or dipping sauce. Use sauce on slices of white, dark or cured turkey meat; with wings, wingettes and drumettes; for drumsticks; and for breaded turkey. Choose the sauce that best suits the occasion, your audience and the type of turkey.


Barbecue Hot Mustard
Bearnaise Lemon-Herb
Blue Cheese Maderia
Brandied Fruit Marinara
Cherry Molasses-Ginger
Chipolte BBQ Mornay
Citrus-Honey Mustard Cream
Cranberry Orange
Creole Plum
Cumberland Port
Curried Pineapple Pureed Vegetable
Curry Raisin
Dijon Raspberry
Dill-Yogurt Red Currant
Garlic Cream Rich Brown
Garlic-Soy Sherry-Mushroom
Herbed Mayonnaise Sweet-Sour
Hickory-Flavored Tarragon
Cranberry Pine Nut Teriyaki
Hollandaise Walnut
Salsas & Chutneys
Apple-Rosemary Currant
Avocado-Scallion Mango
Caribbean Pineapple-Mango
Marinate for a flavor burst. Turkey roasts, tenderloins, slices and cutlets are favorites for marinating. Try a zesty marinade on dark meat turkey parts, too.

Cranberry-Grand Marnier
Fruited Vinegar-Herb
Herbed Jerk
Honey Ginger
Lemon Garlic

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