The foodservice industry can be assured both frozen and fresh turkeys are quality products. Frozen turkeys are flash frozen immediately after packaging to 0ºF or below and held at that safe temperature. Fresh turkeys are deep-chilled after packaging and have shorter shelf lives. The term "fresh" may only be placed on raw poultry that has never been below 26ºF. Because they are perishable and require special handling and merchandising, fresh turkeys are slightly more expensive than frozen turkeys. No specific labeling is required on poultry between 0ºF and 26ºF. Choose the product that best meets the needs of your foodservice operation. By purchasing a frozen turkey, your food cost percentages and profits are typically greater. Fresh turkeys provide convenience since no thawing is required.


Sources of Supply
Processing Programs
USDA Inspection & Grading
Labeling Terms
Yield from Turkey

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