Linking cuisine to classwork has been demonstrated to increase a child's enjoyment and retention of subject matter, according to studies presented at the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Here are some ways for you to link cuisine and classroom studies.

American History. Work with social studies, science or history teachers to create special menus highlighting foods that relate to various subjects. For an American history class, have a week-long special of foods unique or native to North America, including corn, wild rice and, of course, turkey. You can contact the National Turkey Federation for information about educational materials available from turkey industry sources.

Perfect Attendance: Perfect attendance for each semester awards school kids with a free turkey sandwich. Perfect attendance for the entire school year awards a free turkey dinner for the school kids, mom and dad.

Thanksgiving Art And Low-Fat Menu Competition. See the section called Community Promotions in this chapter. These programs work equally well in cafeteria settings.

Turkey Trends
Highlighting Turkey
Turkey on the Menu
Nutritious Appeal
Suggestive Selling
Community Promotions
Special School Foodservice Promotions
Ethnic Neutrality
Special Event Promotions
Year Round Turkey

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