Thanksgiving Art. Partner with a local day-care center or grade school to conduct a "Thanksgiving Art" contest during the holidays. Children can draw their visions of the first Thanksgiving dinner or "My Thanksgiving." The artwork would be posted at your restaurant, attracting family and friends of the young "artists."

Each contestant could receive a prize for entering. The Grand Prize Winner could receive a complimentary turkey dinner.

Low-Fat Menu Competition. Partner with a local clinic or health maintenance organization (HMO) to highlight healthful fare that really tastes good.

Perhaps during March, which is National Nutrition Month, highlight low-fat turkey entrees on table tents and as part of menu specials. Also encourage staff to conduct suggestive selling.

When customers order one of the low-fat dishes, their wait person presents them with a rating sheet along with their check. At the end of the month, the entree with the highest rating average wins a permanent listing on the menu.

Food Bank Support. During the holidays, or anytime throughout the season, offer a discount on any turkey entree when the customer presents a shelf-stable item to be donated to your local food bank.

Work with the local food shelf organization to arrange radio public service announcements and interviews with area media to promote the program.

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