Increasing Delicious Demand for Lean and Flavorful Turkey

Today's Turkey - Serve up something unexpected (SM)

Turkey farmers raise their birds to feed their families and yours. NTF's project serving up Today's Turkey - engages influential restaurant chefs and registered dietitians with turkey as the unexpected choice for consumers seeking flavorful, lean and nutritious protein.  These professionals - tops in their fields - advise NTF and share their take on choice turkey recipes and flavors for the consuming public to eat healthy and deliciously.
Compare turkey's nutritional values.




Sharing more turkey, more choices.  Thanksgiving turkey is delicious, yet you can find turkey tenderloin, grill turkey ground meat as hamburger, enjoy meaty and juicy turkey leg and turkey portions in flavorful recipes and occasions throughout the year.


Grilling turkey is an easy option with these tips.

Try lean, flavorful turkey tenderloin, grilled turkey burgers, turkey's sizzling sausage or turkey bacon - and more. Turkey farmers are working to meet your added demand for year 'round enjoyment of lean, flavorful turkey.

Try these favorites from around the country:
Atomic Turkey Peppers
Curry-Chutney Turkey Salad
Turkey Spring Rolls
Sanpete Turkey Kabobs
Spicy Turkey Nachos
Turkey Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
Buffalo Turkey Dip
Marinated Turkey Tenders
Turkey Meatloaf Muffins
Jalapeño Turkey Meatballs
Turkey Tenderloin Chilies & Tequila