Welcome to the Turkey Industry's Multimedia Presentations on Turkey Production Practices

Throughout these segments you will hear four turkey farmers from across the nation tell their stories about key issues that directly affect the industry and play a vital role in providing a wholesome, high-quality, nutritious product.

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Bill Hardy Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare- Learn how the turkey industry ensures the health and well-being of its flocks.(click here)

Pam Larson Antibiotics
Antibiotics- Hear about the importance of animal antibiotics and how they have been used for more than 50 years to maintain the well-being of turkey flocks and to ensure safe products.(click here)

Kent Meschke Avian Influenza
Animal Health- See how the turkey industry is working to protect its flocks - and your food supply - by following strict farming policies and protocols.(click here)

Rick Shiflet Environment
Environment- Listen to the importance a turkey farmer
places on being a good steward of the air, land and water. (click here)